Leading computer pundit attacks educational establishment and inadvertently stumbles on a deep question about the nature of education

"I blame the educational system" says, like so many, a leading computing pundit, and legend John C. Dvorak in his latest column. This is the core of his argument:

It's Time for Universal Computer Education - Columns by PC Magazine

Future of reading here?

The kind people at OUPBlog have made a round up of all the news stories about Amazon's new eBook reader called Kindle that is generating a lot of interest around the blogs. Unfortunately, just like the Sony eBook Reader, this one is not available in the UK. is likely to have the scoop when the time comes.

PowerPoint tips from a presenter Pro (on Slideshare)

PowerPoint has become ubiquitous in all presentations replacing slides in conference rooms all over the world. Academics may have different needs than business people but these seem like good tips. Found by the good people at and presented via (an excellent service for all presenters).

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