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More books become public domain in 2008

This Canadian website lists authors whose work has become public domain on 1 January 2008. This will vary country by country but the Internet will probably be introduced to them as early as possible. The list includes works by authors like Walter Runciman, Philip Snowden, Elihu Root, Amelia Earhart (presuming she really died), Maurice Ravel, Alfred Adler, Edith Wharton, and hundreds more.

XO Laptop 'buy one, donate one' initiative launched in the US

However well or ill-advised the One-Laptop-Per-Child movement is from a development and literacy perspective, this charitable approach can both raise awareness of the disparities in the online world and spread some cool looking laptops around the community. If it wasn't available just in the US, I'd buy one!

Open Source to UK schools?

The BBC reports on Becta's warning for schools not to sign licencing deals that exclude other software. Hopefully, this will mean more Open Source software at Schools. Particularly given the great advances of consumer friendly distributions of Linux such as Ubuntu. I predict that in 5 years the hold Microsoft products have over education will have been significantly loosened given the significantly more flexible development cycle of Open Source projects.

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