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Times Higher launches new website

After years of a substandard, limited-value web presence, THES has launched a new website on a new address ( with new features. Here's a list from the announcement email:

US mentoring month brings new mentoring webapp

iMantri is trying to harness the power of social networking for mentoring. The problem might be that it isn't clear what the difference between mentoring and coaching is in their view and also, it might be much better as a Facebook app so that people don't have two different places to log in to. All the same, it is not a bad idea. We'll see if it takes off.

iMantri to Pair Mentors Up with Mentees

Annual novel writing month launches in US

Can never quite get to that novel? Looking for an interesting creative writing project? Why not join the US National Novel Writing Month. Literally thousands of people have written their novels in as part of this project. And they say the Internet is bad for literacy...

Little-known .edu resources

Lifehacker compiled a number of useful and not very well-known resources on the academic web in the US. How many similar gems languish under

Technophilia: Discover the .EDU Underground - Lifehacker

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