Leading computer pundit attacks educational establishment and inadvertently stumbles on a deep question about the nature of education

"I blame the educational system" says, like so many, a leading computing pundit, and legend John C. Dvorak in his latest column. This is the core of his argument:

It's Time for Universal Computer Education - Columns by PC Magazine

Future of reading here?

The kind people at OUPBlog have made a round up of all the news stories about Amazon's new eBook reader called Kindle that is generating a lot of interest around the blogs. Unfortunately, just like the Sony eBook Reader, this one is not available in the UK. is likely to have the scoop when the time comes.

PowerPoint tips from a presenter Pro (on Slideshare)

PowerPoint has become ubiquitous in all presentations replacing slides in conference rooms all over the world. Academics may have different needs than business people but these seem like good tips. Found by the good people at and presented via (an excellent service for all presenters).

Learn about the new social web with plain English videos from Commoncraft

Thanks to the wonderful videos from the creative folks at you can now learn about all the key technologies shaking up the web at the moment in a fun, engaging and also a clear and concise manner. And, by the way, they're using Drupal to run their website, just like us.

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XO Laptop 'buy one, donate one' initiative launched in the US

However well or ill-advised the One-Laptop-Per-Child movement is from a development and literacy perspective, this charitable approach can both raise awareness of the disparities in the online world and spread some cool looking laptops around the community. If it wasn't available just in the US, I'd buy one!

Britney Spears, Ozzy and Harvard use same award winning CMS as this site

If it's good enough for,, and it's also good enough for us. They all use the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) Drupal that is also used to run this website and the new PostGraduate portal PGOracle at UEA.

Businesses replace email with RSS feeds for productivity! Common academia!

The Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 Feed icon.This is not a subject on which I hold a neutral view, so it's a good thing I'm right! Everybody should use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.

Open Source to UK schools?

The BBC reports on Becta's warning for schools not to sign licencing deals that exclude other software. Hopefully, this will mean more Open Source software at Schools. Particularly given the great advances of consumer friendly distributions of Linux such as Ubuntu. I predict that in 5 years the hold Microsoft products have over education will have been significantly loosened given the significantly more flexible development cycle of Open Source projects.

Convenience in computing can be pain in the neck

Sorry, hard to resist puns like these, no matter how obvious they are. But here's a study that has me worried - as someone who has used a laptop instead of a desktop as a primary computing platform since 1999.

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