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Salient cases and social causality

The great 'On the Media' had an interview with 'the devil' - Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. But he did bring up an interesting point regarding the actual influence of the magazine in particular and the media in general.

BROOKE GLADSTONE:: What do you think the world would be like if the Weekly Standard hadn't come along?

How we should judge torture - Los Angeles Times

How we should judge torture - Los Angeles Times
Naturally, human rights groups are appalled by the suggestion that harsh treatment is ever justified. Similarly, blogger Andrew Sullivan dismisses the ticking time bomb as a "red herring" and argues that "you cannot raise or lower the moral status of mass murderers with respect to torture. The only salient moral status with respect to torture is that the mass murderers are human beings."

Cultural images of the powerless

One article, two thoughts. Good going!

TPM Online Article
One of the things you notice, both as a skeptic and as an American in the UK , is that according to the British media – and a lot of non-media folks, too, I might add – pretty much all foolishness comes from the US. | Beyond bones & stones | Beyond bones & stones
Anthropology is defined as the study of humankind and their origins throughout different places and times. The study focuses in detail on cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological research.

Kazakhstan and the principles of democracy

World News Article |
Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev won re-election by a landslide on Monday, official preliminary results showed, but the opposition in the former Soviet republic alleged vote-rigging.

Common sense vs.hypocrisy

Be realistic about death penalty: PM - National Breaking News - Breaking News 24/7 -
"But I think we have to be a little bit realistic in suggesting that the Government should complain as loudly as a death sentence being carried out on Saddam Hussein as we did in relation to Nguyen [Australian citizen executed in Singapore] is a bit unrealistic," [Australian prime minister Howard] said.

"Call it hypocrisy if you like, I think call it just normal human common sense."

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