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First look: Personalization and self-advocacy on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo

The social networks that students in Norwich are most likely to use are Facebook, Bebo or Myspace. I've recently heard someone suggest that the transition path for friend groups is Bebo > MySpace > Facebook but whether that applies here is an open question. Here's an excerpt from my Interim Report on this project:

Personalised learning and its kindred spirits

Personalised learning isn't a concept that stands alone in educational history or contemporary approaches. I've already mentioned its basic affinity with Rousseau's Emile but that is more a piece of trivia than anything else.

There are a few more substantial analogs that can be made:

  • Problem-based learning
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Distance learning
  • e-Learning/m-Learning
  • Self-directed learning/Learner-centered instruction
  • Montessori schools (and similar alternatives)
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