Tech Talk 3 - Backing up Data

Dominik and Thordis cover the Tech News as usual and then talk about how to back up data and keep it secure. Some Chrome cons are added to the pros from the last podcast.

Community Chest - 17 Oct - Issues of Black History, Racism and Black Identity

Dominik Lukeš and Tonia Mihill talk to Amal Douglas about race, racism, black identity, black history, and the Black History Month. All three are joined by Tony, a caller, sharing his experience of biracial marriage and fatherhood.

Humanities Conversations - Oct 08 - Rupert Read on Social Science

Dominik Lukeš talks to philosopher Rupert Read about his latest books on the philosophy of social science discussing the issue of whether there is such a thing as social science. This is first in a series of Humanities Conversations on a variety of issues in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Community Chest - 10 Oct - Quakerism

Dominik Lukeš and Abraham Eshetu talk to Alan Berry about Quakerism and its legacy in the racial equality movement.

Community Chest - 10 Oct - Black History non-fiction books in Norwich Library

Dominik Lukeš and Abraham Ehsetu talk to Tonia Mihill about non-fiction books related to Black History Month available in the Norwich Library while addressing various issues related to Black History Month.

Community Chest - 10 Oct - Dilemmas in Diversity Conference Interviews

Dominik Lukeš interviews Chris Michel and Melba Wilson about the Dilemmas in Diversity Conference held in Norwich as part of the Black History Month.

Community Chest - 3 Oct - Dominik Lukeš interviews Linda Bellos

Dominik Lukeš talking to Linda Bellos about Black History Month. You can also listen to Linda’s speech given at the BHM opening event in Norwich.

Black History Fact of the Day - 4 Oct

This fact is about Francis Williams, the first black lawyer admitted to Lincoln’s Inn in 1721. Williams, however, was known more for his Latin poetry.

Black History Fact of the Day - 3 Oct

This fact is about the first black knighthood in awarded to Sir Pedro Negro in 1547. You can find more details about these facts on a specific page (link forthcoming).

Community Chest - 3 Oct - Creative Arts East and Skills for Jobs

Dominik Lukeš talks to Natalie Jode, Diversity and Inclusion Projects Officer about a programme for 19+ run by Creative Arts East.
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