Local History

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Richard McGuire on the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Richard McGuire talks to Dominik Lukes, Jasmine, and Junior Johnson about the transantlantic slave trade and the Norfolk and Suffolk connections.

Community Chest 24 Oct - Clive Wilkins Jones talking about local history

Dominik Lukeš talks to Clive Wilkins Jones, community librarian, about his research into local history including Olaudah Equino. Clive also talks about the Norfolk Heritage Centre.

Community Chest - 17 Oct - Issues of Black History, Racism and Black Identity

Dominik Lukeš and Tonia Mihill talk to Amal Douglas about race, racism, black identity, black history, and the Black History Month. All three are joined by Tony, a caller, sharing his experience of biracial marriage and fatherhood.

Community Chest - 10 Oct - Quakerism

Dominik Lukeš and Abraham Eshetu talk to Alan Berry about Quakerism and its legacy in the racial equality movement.
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