Humanities Conversations

Humanities Conversations 2 - Nov 20 - John Collins on Noam Chomsky

Dominik Lukes discusses the different versions of Noam Chomsky with UEA’s philosopher John Collins, author of Chomsky: A Guide for the Perplexed.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Richard McGuire on the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Richard McGuire talks to Dominik Lukes, Jasmine, and Junior Johnson about the transantlantic slave trade and the Norfolk and Suffolk connections.

Humanities Conversations - Oct 08 - Rupert Read on Social Science

Dominik Lukeš talks to philosopher Rupert Read about his latest books on the philosophy of social science discussing the issue of whether there is such a thing as social science. This is first in a series of Humanities Conversations on a variety of issues in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
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