Real literacy?

Killing the written word by snippets - Los Angeles Times
Students are trading in books for search-and-seizure learning on the Internet, and real literacy is getting lost along the way.
One memorable freshman sagely informed me that people shouldn't be reading entire volumes these days anyway.

Discrepancies in Testing

Students Ace State Tests, but Earn D's From U.S. - New York Times
A comparison of state test results against the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress, a federal test mandated by the No Child Left Behind law, shows that wide discrepancies between the state and federal findings were commonplace.

Turning academia into a cafeteria - Los Angeles Times

Turning academia into a cafeteria - Los Angeles Times DECADES AGO, I clutched an official New York state examination booklet as a proctor threatened me and hundreds of my nervous schoolmates with a felony conviction if we cheated. We dutifully signed a statement that declared we would not. Students still sign declarations on examination booklets, but the lingo has changed. Choice is now in.

Values, rules, patterns and theories of social causation

BBC NEWS | Politics | 'A third of pubs' to open longer About one-third of all the pubs, clubs and shops in England and Wales licensed to sell alcohol are to get longer opening hours, BBC research suggests.

Now, this news is really interesting because of the folk-models of social causality that get employed on both sides of the argument.

The pro side makes the following arguments:

Some misconceptions by the defenders of the Theory of Evolution

Evolution is, in fact, the foundation of the entire science of modern biology and much of modern medicine. No, there is no absolute ''proof" of evolution, but that's not how science works. The evolutionary theory of origin of species is supported by abundant evidence from the fossil record and genetics research—indicating, for instance, that both humans and modern apes are related to primates who lived millions of years ago or that modern birds are related to dinosaurs.

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