Florida high court kills school voucher program

Florida high court kills school voucher program
In a ruling expected to reverberate through battles over school choice in many states, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a voucher program for students attending failing schools, saying the state Constitution bars Florida from using taxpayer money to finance a private alternative to the public system.

Parents' role in education - framing in practice

BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Phone-in: parents and schools
A recent survey from the Department of Education shows that parents are increasingly unhappy with their local schools. Satisfaction levels have fallen by 10% during the past year and more than half of parents saw no change in the quality of schooling or thought it had got worse.

Complexities of women's rights

BBC - Radio 4 - Today Programme Listen Again
David Cameron promised to tackle the lack of women MPs from his party. What can he do? Audio here

Authors and texts

Narnia's lion really is Jesus - Sunday Times - Times Online
AN unpublished letter from the novelist C S Lewis has provided conclusive proof of the Christian message in his Narnia children’s books.

In the letter [to be published in a new collection of Lewis' letters], sent to a child fan in 1961, Lewis writes: “The whole Narnian story is about Christ.â€?

Fiction as a resource for academic inquiry

John Grishamm, The Broker

Sure, this is a great book that fulfills all the prerequisite of its genre in a way that allows the reader to probe some of the possibilities of depth. The writing is taut (although I've only listened to it as a book on tape) and reminds me of the masters: Elmore Leonard and (my all time favorite) Carl Hiaasen.

Why is the 'new' UK drive toward synthetic phonics ridiculous

BBC NEWS | Education | Primary reading set for overhaul
The way children are taught to read in primary schools in England needs to be changed, says a government review.

It has backed the method synthetic phonics, which teaches children the sounds of letters and combination of letters before they move onto books.

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