Jazz in America/Classical in Europe: Functional equivalence

NPR : Roundtable: The Future of Jazz Radio
News & Notes with Ed Gordon, August 10, 2006 · Some experts say the jazz radio format is in crisis. Some of the few stations devoted to jazz may soon change format. Guests: Suzan Jenkins, president of Jazz Alliance International, an industry group; Tom Thomas, president of the public radio research firm Station Resource Group; and Don Heckman, jazz critic for the Los Angeles Times.

Framing in perceptions of news bias

On The Media-- I Know You Are But What Am I?
SHANKAR VEDANTAM: [The study] just showed six television clips of the conflict to 144 observers, some of whom were pro-Israeli and some of whom were pro-Arab and some of whom were neutral.

Gender models and types of evidence for them | 07/31/2006 | Internet raises gender gap
This gender gap, which affects everything from the marketing of new technology to attracting more women for engineering careers, is elegantly illustrated in an academic study just published by a researcher from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

Research-generated assonant symmetries, equal gender rights and global sexual satisfaction

NPR : Global Sex Survey: Satisfied in the West
A groundbreaking international sex survey reveals that couples in Western countries are the most sexually satisfied, while countries in the East appear to be less satisfied.

Cadences and harmonies of verbal and dramatic narratives

Several years before his death, the famous Estonian semiotician Yuriy Lotman came to Prague and the thing that I still remember from his talk is an admonition that boundaries are the places to study because that's the most interesting phenomena happen (or come to the surface) at the border between two stereotypes (my words not his).

Periodicity of nationalist conservatism: A hypothesis to be tested

I was just listening to the UK Prime Minister's Question Time. I don't do it very often, because the questions and answers are predictable in content and not particularly informative, but maybe I should tune in more often to get a sense of the tone of the exchange.

As I was listening, I was struck by the tone social conservatism, law and order and peaceful environment for the law abiding citizens. It felt to me like a representation of a yearning for return to the 1950s (or rather our rosy image of the 50s).

Multiple perspectives-models-stories in fiction and science - The L Word's Vanishing Bisexual
The L Word’s representation of bisexuality reflects popular and sometimes opposing ideas about bisexuality. One belief--represented best on the series by Jenny--is that those who identify as bisexual are merely experimenting with their sexuality before they choose to identify as strictly heterosexual or homosexual, thus suggesting that a “bisexualâ€? identity is at best a transitional identity, and at worst a false one.

Semantic prosody of web design

Technology News: E-Commerce: Study: Poor Web Design Alienates Customers
One twentieth of a second. That's about how long it takes for a Web site Get Linux or Windows Managed Hosting Services with Industry Leading Fanatical Support. to make a first impression on an Internet user, according to researchers at a Canadian university, whose findings could have competitive impacts for businesses on the Web.

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