Technology (ICT): General Computing, Educational Technologies, Webdesign

General Computing Skills

Operating systems:

  • Windows: Used all versions from 3.1 to Vista, taught classes on using Windows NT, 2000 and XP
  • MacOS: extensive use and support of 7.1-8.6; some support of MacOS X users
  • Linux: distributions used: Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core
  • Virtualization software: Parallels, VMWare


  • Word processors: MS Word from 2.0 to 2007 [Review], 5.1 for MacOS (conducted training, designed reference materials); WordPerfect 4.2, 5.1 (lay out of academic articles), Win 9; Open Office Write (edited documents and translation); LaTex
  • Text editors: Vim, PSPad (and other notepad replacements)
  • Other office applications: PowerPoint (designed templates, conducted training); Excel (compiled and edited budgets, analyzed survey data); Outlook 2003, Thunderbird 1.0
  • Browsers: Firefox 2.0 (including extensions); Flock, IE 5-7; Opera 9; Lynx
  • Databases: Access 2000; Filemaker Pro 5; MySQL
  • Photo/audio/video editing:  Photoshop; PaintShop Pro; Corel Draw; IrfanView; Audacity; Audition; Total Recorder Pro; MS Windows Movie Maker; iMovie; Camtasia (created screencasts to assist users of webs [Sample])
  • Utilities: EndNote 7-X.1; Putty; PSPad; RoboForms, ClipMate, Adobe Acrobat (authored complete CDs using Acrobat [Samples])
  • Webdesign:  FrontPage 97-2000; Nvu/Komposer; PSPad (see below for server-side CMS)
  • Project design and management: MS Project, Basecamp, ZohoProject

Programming skills

  • Advanced HTML/CSS skills: Designed websites, themes, taught classes on static webdesign.
  • Basic PHP/SQL skills: modified Drupal themes and modules

Web Design

See a complete list of designed Webs.
  • Set up dynamic websites using CMS Systems, WordPress [Sample], Drupal [Sample 1] [Sample 2].
  • Tested and reviewed CMS systems: Joomla, MediaWiki, TikiWiki, Polopoly
  • Inspired and led development of TuiT (open source system for language teaching online) and WebEdit (simple CMS for
  • Designed templates and themes for web pages (e.g. this site or working in (X)HTML and CSS and relying on a working familiarity with PHP.
  • Contributed small modifications to Drupal modules [Sample].

Delivery of Computer Training

  • Produced a series of training screencasts for academics [See list].
  • Presented TechTalk, technology news and advice segment and podcast on Future Radio Norwich. [Podcast feed]
  • Organised a PHP self-teaching group at UEA.
  • Designed and delivered training sessions on the use of web for research for UEA.
  • Designed reference materials for computer users (operating systems, word processing, HTML). [Sample 1] [Sample 2] [Sample 3] [Sample 4]
  • Delivered formal computer training in the following topics: FrontPage, Beginner and Advanced Word, Word for Educational Materials Developers, PowerPoint, Windows NT, using local area networks for sharing information, using the internet for research and communication. [Sample]
  • Acted as advisor to staff and system troubleshooter for the following systems/applications: MacOS 7.1 - X, MS Windows 3.x/9x/2000/XP; MS Word (Mac: 5.1, 98, Win: 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007), WordPerfect, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, PaintShop Pro, Ulead Photo Explorer, Total Recorder, EndNote. [See sample]

Education and Technology

Development of Systems and Familiarity with Technology

  • Designed and coordinated the creation of a VLE/CMS system TuiT used at See or
  • Presented on use of ICT in education at two international conferences (see attached list) and at several in-house seminars for institutions and employers (SSEES, University of Glasgow). [Sample]
  • Surveyed applications available for computer-assisted teaching including: WebCT, Blackboard, Moodle, Boddington, PebblePad, Questionmark, CD-ROM based language courses (such as Rosetta Stone), materials development software (such as HotPotatoes), etc.
  • Created web pages using Notepad, FrontPage and a Content Management System (see Responsible for earlier versions of websites for several organizations (see,, ).
  • Created information sharing CD-ROMs for US Peace Corps using a variety of format (HTML, PDF, Envoy). [Sample]
  • Digitized and collated video materials into video reports using Microsoft Movie Maker 2. Used by Peace Corps Albania. [Sample - CD only]

Use of ICT for Teaching and Learning

  • Created courses using WebCT and Blackboard (see
  • Compiled and used course materials for web-assisted teaching of language, literature and culture at University of Glasgow (see and Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis (
  • Organized video conferences between students at University of Glasgow and professors at Charles University in Prague and UCL in London.
  • Created and maintain a comprehensive site for learners of Czech language and culture A community of users has developed around the site over its 3 years of existence.
  • Created and moderated several electronic discussion forums both listserv and BB-based (see
  • Created test materials using HotPotatoes [Try sample quiz].