Selected Publications

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  • Paper: Lukeš, Dominik. 2015. Dyslexia Friendly Reader. IISA Conference Proceedings.
  • Co-edited volume: Hart, Christopher, and Dominik Lukeš eds. 2007. Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Studies: Application and Theory. Amersham: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Book chapter: Lukeš, Dominik. 2007. What Does It Mean When Texts ‘Really’ Mean Something?: Types of Evidence for Conceptual Patterns in Discourse. In Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Studies: Application and Theory, eds. Hart, Christopher a Dominik Lukeš. Amersham: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Review of Haser, Verena (2005) Metaphor, Metonymy and Experientialist Philosophy: Challenging Cognitive Semantics. to appear in Cognitive Linguistics in 2007
  • Review of Phelan, J. & Rabinowitz, P.J. (Eds.) (2005) A Companion to Narrative Theory (Malden, Mass.; Oxford, Blackwell Pub.). Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol 36, Issue 3, September 2006.
  • Review of Locke, Terry (2004) Critical discourse analysis. London; New York, Continuum (Research Method Series). Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol 36, Issue 1, March 2006.
  • Published paper: "Towards a classification of metaphor use in text: Issues in conceptual discourse analysis of a domain-specific corpus" in Wallington, Alan et al. eds. 2005. Proceedings of the Third Interdisciplinary Workshop on Corpus-Based Approaches to Figurative Language.
  • "Kognitivní lingvistika po 20ti letech (Cognitive Linguistics 20 Years Later)" introduction to Czech translation of "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things" 2006 (see below). 
  • Translation of George Lakoff's "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things", Triáda, February, 2006. 
  • Review of Czech translation of "The Literary Mind" by Mark Turner in Lidové Noviny, March, 2005. 
  • Review of "Jak psát a nepsat česky" (Czech writer's handbook) by Petr Sgall and Jarmila Panevová in Lidové Noviny, December, 2004. 
  • "K využití některých diagnostických metod v jazykovém vyučování" (Using Diagnostic Methods for Language Teaching) in Cizí Jazyky (Foreign Languages), 46/1, 2003.
  • Review of "Moral Politics" by George Lakoff in Lidové Noviny, February, 2002.
  • Introducing Czech to the Casual Visitor. Prague Post, February, 2002. 
  • Introduction to studying Czech. Prague Post, November, 1999. 
  • Review of Czech translation of "Power and Prospects" by Noam Chomsky, Lidové Noviny, August, 1998. 
  • Introduction to Czech Language. Czech Republic Business Guide, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. 
  • Czech Grammar, co-author - internal print at Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis - 1998. See also
  • Communicative Czech, co-author - internal print at Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis - 1998.
  • Introduction to Czech translation of Spider House by Paul Bowles published by Volvox Globator - 1995.

This list only contains published materials relevant to linguistics along with some miscellanea. Since 1998, numerous articles, reviews and interviews on language, culture and literature have appeared in Czech in Lidové Noviny, Respekt, Literární noviny and online in Britské listy. Selected topics include: Language Policy, Language Education, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Intercultural Education, Philosophy, Political Commentary; Interviews: Petr Fidélius, Prof. Petr Vavroušek, Dr. Zdeněk Starý, Prof. Robert Pynsent, David Short Daniel Handler; Reviews: Linguistics, Intercultural Education, Philosophy of Mathematics, Works of Fiction, Language Education.

Partial list with access to full texts available on (online catalogue of articles published in the Czech Republic ) through search for "Dominik Lukeš" field to search "Author".

Other relevant unpublished works can be found on