Educational and General Management

Most documentary evidence relevant to these skills is of confidential nature.

Project Management and Reporting

  • Designed several material collection CD-ROMs using HTML, PDF with audio and video.
  • Supervised and led curriculum and materials development teams in a number of countries ( Albania, Jordan, Uganda, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic ).
  • Supervised management of complex training and education events of 20-80 people including community-based training for Peace Corps volunteers in three countries.
  • Coordinated reporting on extensive training projects by subordinate staff.
  • Supervised budgets in excess of $100,000 and created budgets for projects in excess of $20,000.

Human Resource Management

  • Mentoring: Mentored several employees to fill position currently held.
  • Training: Introduced new employees into positions through various kinds of training (from observation to formal training).
  • Recruitment: Designed procedures for recruitment and hiring of new employees for training events.
  • Employee termination: Designed and implemented procedures for employee termination.

Interdisciplinary and Organizing Work

  • Co-organized CADAAD '06, international conference with over 70 participants.
  • Organized a one-day interdisciplinary workshop Metaphors @ UEA for researchers interested in metaphor analysis.
  • Established a reading group in Philosophy of Education at UEA (2004-2005)
  • Organized several videoconferences for students at the University of Glasgow (2002 - 2003).
  • Established a Cognitive Linguistics Reading Group at the University of Glasgow (2002-2003).
  • Coordinated an international training conference for US Peace Corps in Moldova in 1997.
  • Established and maintain website of the Prague Linguistic Circle : http:/ Also established a listserv discussion group for Czech linguists. Active 1994-1996.


  • Consistently achieved promotion in positions:
    • from Language Program coordinator to Regional Language Coordinator, Peace Corps ECAM.
    • from Master Trainer (Kazakhstan) to Project Director (Albania) in Peace Corps Training.
    • from course participant to Academic Director at ITC Training
  • Leader of student lobby at Academic Senate of Philosophical Faculty at Charles University.
  • Student representative for research students at School of Education.