Academic Research

Education Theory

  • Participant in TLRP a project on Philosophy of Education and Educational Policy.
  • Conducted a literature research and review for the National Evaluation of Children's Trusts, see

Linguistic Theory

Research and Publication

  • Conducted research on metaphors in educational discourse as part of an MA by Research programme at University of East Anglia . Thesis to be completed in August, 2005. Presented research results at several departmental and interdepartmental seminars (details including PowerPoint and audio recoding of presentation on

  • Compiled an contrastive overview of cohesive devices in English and Czech as part of a projected larger research (draft of first chapter on

  • Translated into Czech "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things" by George Lakoff and wrote chapter-length introduction containing a survey of Cognitive Linguistics since 1985. To appear in 2005.

  • Designed and taught a semester-long seminar on George Lakoff's "Women, Fire and Dangerous Things" at Charles University in Prague .

  • Wrote a manuscript introducing Unification Categorial Grammar (

Conference Participation

  • Presented at conferences on topics ranging from cognitive grammar, language pedagogy, and use of computers in language instruction (see Employment History for details and links to abstracts).

  • Participated in over 30 conferences and workshops on linguistics, language teaching and philosophy held in the Czech Republic , United Kingdom , France , Spain , and Albania .

Interdisciplinary and Organizing Work

  • Organized a one-day interdisciplinary workshop Metaphors @ UEA for researchers interested in metaphor analysis.

  • Established a Cognitive Linguistics Reading Group at the University of Glasgow (2002-2003).

  • Established and maintain website of the Prague Linguistic Circle : http:/ Also established a listserv discussion group for Czech linguists. Active 1994-1996.

Applied Linguistics

Corpora and NLP

  • Compiled a bi-lingual English/Czech parallel corpus annotated for use with ParaConc. (

  • Extensive experience with using the British National Corpus and Czech National Corpus and concordancing software (see for early review of text analysis software).

Language Materials Development

Language Teaching and Teacher Training

  • Published an article on learning styles in a professional journal for teachers of foreign languages.

  • Designed - teaching Czech language and culture online.

  • Coordinated curriculum design for teacher training and supervised materials development for a TEFL Certificate course.

  • Taught Czech and English as a Second/Foreign Language in a variety of contexts in several countries.

  • Designed and facilitated teacher training sessions for a TEFL Certificate training course as well as at private language schools on topics ranging from the basics of the communicative method to testing.