Getting the project running: First steps

The project has started apace. As usual at the start of a project a lot of thing need to get taken care of. I started with these:

  • Review all materials that were generated as part of the project preparation (goals, objectives, deliverables)
  • Collect all the contacts of people who might be important to talk to
  • Collect as many materials and links as possible for a preliminary round of readings

As a result of this, I've started started making some notes that will come up in separate posts and having discussions with people around the office.While these were going on (and the process is ongoing), I took care of some logistics:

  • Looked at a few options for an online project management solutions (alternatives to Basecamp that I had used before) and settled on's Project ( - so far that seems to be doing all I need it to. But we'll see how the others in the project will take to it.
  • And I set up this blog. I chose because of the features I know (I use the same platform to run my own blog But I mostly like the data portability because I'm hoping to move the data to a self-hosted service once I have access to a proper server.
  • Set up a group on Connotea to keep track of links to online resources and references to which others can contribute.
  • ... and of course, there's the inevitable office logistics (getting accounts, signing contracts, finding the kitchen, etc.