Parents' role in education - framing in practice

BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Phone-in: parents and schools
A recent survey from the Department of Education shows that parents are increasingly unhappy with their local schools. Satisfaction levels have fallen by 10% during the past year and more than half of parents saw no change in the quality of schooling or thought it had got worse.

Now it's the turn of parents to help sort it out. In the government's controversial proposals for education reform, parents are to be a big part of the solution. In a chapter of the 'Parents Driving Improvement' White Paper parents are given more say in the way schools are set up and run, including the introduction of new parent councils.

Woman's Hour looks at the proposed new relationship between parents and schools - and asks will it be too high maintenance?

This was a very interesting debate because it encapsulated all the important perspectives on causality within education and the system of schooling. Almost every possible cognitive model (frame) of education was expressed in one way or another by the callers. It was also very clear that model-switching (cognitive equivalent to code-switching) is very common in normal cognition but extremely difficult when the models/frames are hypostasized into a theory (anywhere on the folk-expert continuum).