New category: Feminism

I realized that I needed another category dealing with issues related to the position of women in society and cognition. I decided to call it feminism in protest against the frequent dilution of the concept by labeling it 'gender studies' or 'women's lib'. Now, I very much agree that to understand the way our brains and our society conceptualize and treat women it is important to study men. If only to avoid making assumptions about what is normal. Labels (or the possible constructions of meaning based on the overall semantic field of the word serving as the label) aren't that important but the people associated with or promoting particular label (for whatever reason) are. And I usually find myself not liking the dilutions associated with the people who promote the idea of 'gender studies' as a way of making 'feminism' more palatable. And feminism doesn't deserve that. One of its strong points is precisely because its ability to provoke change of perspective. Feminism is one of the most revolutionary intellectual movements 'mankind' has ever seen, transforming our view of society and cognition with such force and vigor that it can never be the same. It deserves recognition of this and not a shame.

Radical feminism (like anything radical) is ridicoulous in one extreme but some of its insights (and only the future will pronounce a judgement on their proportion) are so philosophically profound and groundbreaking that it deserves to be present in our consciousness.

I will use this category to try to outline my perspective on feminism but feminist thinking will be present in posts in other categories, as well. (I also added some of the earlier posts to this category.)