Australians win award for Czech beer

At least if the judges of the Beer World Cup are to be believed. Czechs aren't always best at making Czech style beer. But it's not just the beer. It's the Czech pub atmosphere that makes the beverage so much fun. Living in the UK, I don't touch a drop of beer (or any other alcohol) pretty much all year round but whenever I go back home for a visit I end up drinking literally liters of the stuff. Hard to put a price on that hoppy bitter sweet taste of home.

The Prague Post Online: Business: Czechs no longer brew top pilsner If you want to taste the world’s best Bohemian-style pilsner beer, you’re going to have to go a long way from Bohemia.

At this year’s World Beer Cup in San Diego, California, the largest competition of its kind, the gold medal for “Bohemian-style lager” did not go to a Czech brewery for the first time since 2000, when the competition was smaller by nearly half and dominated by North American brewers.
Rather, the world’s best pilsner beers can be found in two unlikely places: Portland and Sydney.