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Vladimir Vysotsky: Na bratskych mogylach

Vladimir Vysotsky (Владимир Высоцкий): Na bratskych mogylach

Čechomor: Proměny

Čechomor: Proměny Here's the track as played but check out their live gigs too, too.

Sam Cooke: Summertime

Sam Cooke: Summertime followed by many other covers just to show the variety of ways in which this song can be presented.

I'm the people, here's my playlist

Here's a You Tube version of my People's Playlist that was broadcast on Future Radio 96.9 FM in Norwich on Sunday 23 Sept, 2-3pm. On each page, I put a few YouTube clips of either the song itself or some songs similar or otherwise related to it. On some pages, I put additional material that simply didn't fit in the programme. Like this beautiful bass solo by Victor Wooten:

OPML or not to OPML

Just in case anyone's interested here's a list of podcasts I subscribe to as an OPML file. All you have to do is import them into your podcatcher.

Finally a podcast

I now regularly appear on a tech segment on Future Radio Norwich and it has turned into a podcast. It has a temporary home here:

I also occasionally do book reviews for the Platform programme.

Quilting my music

I've started using Last.fm a lot more recently and here's a nice little widget they offer. Quilts of some of my albums and artists. Enjoy. <!--Albums-->

Playing with Google Maps

Here's a quick overview of my journey through the world courtesy of Google Maps' new feature.
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Unification Categorial Grammar

Unification Categorial Grammar:

or hesitations on the edge of NLP

Dominik Lukeš

Praha/Edinburgh 1992

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