s/z: British/American approaches to personali(s/z)ed learning

It's not often that one gets to write a blog post referencing the work of Roland Barthes but it was exactly the difference between s and z that served as the title of his famous work that provided a shortcut to an accidental discovery.

Getting the project running: First steps

The project has started apace. As usual at the start of a project a lot of thing need to get taken care of. I started with these:

  • Review all materials that were generated as part of the project preparation (goals, objectives, deliverables)
  • Collect all the contacts of people who might be important to talk to
  • Collect as many materials and links as possible for a preliminary round of readings

PF 2008


Všechno nejlepší v roce 2008
All the best in 2008

PF 2008



Interview with Rupert Read

This is an audio of an interview I and Stash Kirkbride did today on Future Radio 96.9FM in Norwich with the philosopher and Norwich city councilor for the Green Party Rupert Read about his new book Philosophy for life. It will also appear on Future Radio's podcast list. It was a part of the Community Chest programme usually hosted by Tim MacWilliam. Aside from being embedded below via DivShare, it is also available for download on Archive.org. See more of Rupert Read's thoughts on his blog at http://rupertsread.blogspot.com.

Video of the radio

A video of a recent appearance on Future Radio 96.9FM in Norwich. Talking about recording devices.

I'm the people, here's my playlist

Here's a You Tube version of my People's Playlist that was broadcast on Future Radio 96.9 FM in Norwich on Sunday 23 Sept, 2-3pm. On each page, I put a few YouTube clips of either the song itself or some songs similar or otherwise related to it. On some pages, I put additional material that simply didn't fit in the programme. Like this beautiful bass solo by Victor Wooten:

OPML or not to OPML

Just in case anyone's interested here's a list of podcasts I subscribe to as an OPML file. All you have to do is import them into your podcatcher.

Finally a podcast

I now regularly appear on a tech segment on Future Radio Norwich and it has turned into a podcast. It has a temporary home here:

I also occasionally do book reviews for the Platform programme.

Quilting my music

I've started using Last.fm a lot more recently and here's a nice little widget they offer. Quilts of some of my albums and artists. Enjoy. <!--Albums-->

Playing with Google Maps

Here's a quick overview of my journey through the world courtesy of Google Maps' new feature.
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