Oral vs. written tradition and new technologies

Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference Saturday Sessions
Audible's CEO Don Katz's keynote address at the Podcast Expo brought together very many interesting points regarding the relationship of the oral and written tradition and the role of new technologies in giving new importance to the ultimate pre-technological medium: storytelling. (Audio here)

More on theory and fact (medicine and ritual)

There was an interesting discussion on the BBC's Today Programme (click for audio) over some recent Lancet-published study doubting the efficiency of homeopathic treatments vs. a study conducted at the Bristol homeopathic hospital showing that about 70% of patients report some improvement in how they feel.

The Bosnian Example for Iraq

It's hard to avoid the comparison between the country [Bosnia] deemed a quagmire in the 1990s and the one where the United States is bogged down today.

Some misconceptions by the defenders of the Theory of Evolution

Evolution is, in fact, the foundation of the entire science of modern biology and much of modern medicine. No, there is no absolute ''proof" of evolution, but that's not how science works. The evolutionary theory of origin of species is supported by abundant evidence from the fossil record and genetics research—indicating, for instance, that both humans and modern apes are related to primates who lived millions of years ago or that modern birds are related to dinosaurs.

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