Turning academia into a cafeteria - Los Angeles Times

Turning academia into a cafeteria - Los Angeles Times DECADES AGO, I clutched an official New York state examination booklet as a proctor threatened me and hundreds of my nervous schoolmates with a felony conviction if we cheated. We dutifully signed a statement that declared we would not. Students still sign declarations on examination booklets, but the lingo has changed. Choice is now in.

On some mental representations of personal identity

Who would have thought that a simple misspelling of a person's name would cost me so much time. But it did happen and it was an entirely my fault. A friend whose name is pronounced by all and sundry Maia or Myra, spells her name (as a consequence of Welsh blood in her East Anglian veins) 'Mair' (the correct pronunciation of which is m-ay-rr, as I learned). Recently, on an occasion of no consequence to this story, I unthinkingly misspelled her name as Myra. I could simply berate myself for sloppiness and go on to do better next time.

Values, rules, patterns and theories of social causation

BBC NEWS | Politics | 'A third of pubs' to open longer About one-third of all the pubs, clubs and shops in England and Wales licensed to sell alcohol are to get longer opening hours, BBC research suggests.

Now, this news is really interesting because of the folk-models of social causality that get employed on both sides of the argument.

The pro side makes the following arguments:

Marx's and Darwin's accomplishments: Finding the mechanism of evolution and social change?

Here's definitely a podcast worth listening to! Niles Eldredge and Edward J. Larson discuss the upcoming Darwin exhibit and Darwin's legacy. Particularly their discussion of Darwin's contribution of the mechanism of 'natural selection' to an existing idea of 'evolution' is illuminating.

Thatcher's role for women and the influence of women in politics on women's rights

BBC NEWS | Politics | Thatcher's role for women Patricia Hewitt, a minister Tony Blair's Cabinet, told the BBC News website: "Margaret Thatcher broke through the glass ceiling in politics. But it is a tragedy that, having become the UK's first women prime minister, she did so much to undermine the position of women in society.

Socio-economic trends in interaction

BBC NEWS | In Depth | The Thatcher years in statistics It is 15 years since Margaret Thatcher resigned as prime minister. Use this graphical guide to see how life in Britain changed during her time in power.

Ad-hoc metaphors as cohesive devices

Bring Democracy to Congress Perhaps we should redeploy the democracy experts we have sent to the Middle East and ask them to work on our Congress. The past few days have confirmed that our national government is dysfunctional.

Laws of social and natural sciences

Senators are blowing smoke on gas - Los Angeles Times  Unless they can repeal the law of supply and demand, they can't do a thing about prices.
Gas, like everything else, has its price set by supply and demand. No company charges what it thinks is fair. They charge as much as they can get away with.
Prices fluctuate. That's the deal with this capitalism thing.

Possible cognitive and affective implications of the new media paradigm shift

A Library for The New World

Digitized, instant communication is the great technological revolution of our time. It has streamlined business and delivered more information more quickly to more people than ever. And it has accelerated basic and applied research. Both the problems and the researchers who work on them are scattered around the world, but they come together in a common focus on the Internet.

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