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Dominik Lukes speaks with BTCV about their work in the NELM area

Dominik Lukes speaks with Alison and Neil from BTCV (British Trust Conservation Volunteers) about their outdoor based projects in the NELM area for 16-19 year olds

Humanities Conversations 2 - Nov 20 - John Collins on Noam Chomsky

Dominik Lukes discusses the different versions of Noam Chomsky with UEA’s philosopher John Collins, author of Chomsky: A Guide for the Perplexed.

Community Chest - 14 Nov - Charlie Hardy on Liberation Theology

Dominik Lukes interviews Charlie Hardy, author of Cowboy in Caracas, about Liberation Theology and Latin America. They discuss the Second Vatican Council, Pope John Paul the Second, Mother Theresa and the heterogeniety of the Catholic church.

Tech Talk 5 - The political edition

Dominik Lukeš and Thordis Fridriksson discuss the latest in technology with a special focus on politics online. News from the world of operating systems (Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.10) and tips for making the most of the online experience also get a look in.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Black History Month wrap up

Dominik Lukes, Jasmin and Junior Johnson in discussion to wrap up of Black History Month. Dominik announces a monthly Black History Feature.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Andrew Mavise on Child-Headed Households in Zimbabwe

Richard Mavise talks to Dominik Lukes, Jasmine and Junior Johnson about his research on child headed households in Zimbabwe. He also answers questions from two callers.

Community Chest - 31 Oct - Richard McGuire on the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Richard McGuire talks to Dominik Lukes, Jasmine, and Junior Johnson about the transantlantic slave trade and the Norfolk and Suffolk connections.

Tech Talk 4 - Latest in technology news

Dominik and Thordis talk about the latest news in technology including a Google lawsuit, new Macs and more. As usual, they find time for some computing tips. Send in questions to [email protected].

Community Chest 24 Oct - Sustainable Living Festival

Thordis Fridriksson and Dominik Lukeš talk to Liane Ward about the upcoming Sustainable Living Festival and the UEA Beacon project.

Community Chest 24 Oct - Clive Wilkins Jones talking about local history

Dominik Lukeš talks to Clive Wilkins Jones, community librarian, about his research into local history including Olaudah Equino. Clive also talks about the Norfolk Heritage Centre.