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Death of former child star, a time to reminisce

The death of Czech actress Dana Vávrová reminded of what for many people of my generation was the golden age of Czech popular cinematography in the

Czech Republic Enters the Year Presiding over the EU

Nobody described the challenges ahead than Radio Netherlands:

International news - Radio Netherlands Worldwide - English


Czech year in pictures

Czech online newspaper Aktuálně.cz published an excellent overview of the Czech political year 2008 in pictures. Including this picture of the Brother Mašíns' rehabilitation debate.


Books by Čapek out of copyright on 70th anniversary of his death

The title says it all really! Thanks to the people at the MobileRead forums. I assume this only applies to his works in Czech rather than the English translations which are more recent and carry their own copyright.

Learn multiple Slavic languages at once with NiceTranslator

Nicetranslator.com uses the Google Translate service to give instant response as you type and you can even choose multiple languages at once including Slovak, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, or Croatian. This could be useful for students of Slavonic languages in general but it also shows bits of sentences as you type them in. For instance, when you're typing in 'I remember', you see the appropriate Czech 'Vzpomínám si' and when you add 'you' to make it 'I remember you', the phrase changes to 'Pamatuju si tě' - again the right word for the context.

Google Announces Czech<->English dictionary - Best Online Tool Yet for Learners

Google just released a Czech/English - English/Czech http://www.google.cz/dictionary that is the best online tool I've seen for learners.

Google struggling to translate 'friends' into Czech

According to Zive.cz, Google.cz is asking the Czech internet community how they would like to translate the now ubiquitous word 'friend' into Czech. This is a real problem.

Google Czech live long, Google Prague, get rich

Resuming Czblogging after a hiatus with the amazing news that simply Googling Czech can have beneficial consequences. A new Google mashup StateStats shows correlations between US states' socioeconomic characteristics and the frequency of particular search terms originating from those terms.