XO Laptop 'buy one, donate one' initiative launched in the US

However well or ill-advised the One-Laptop-Per-Child movement is from a development and literacy perspective, this charitable approach can both raise awareness of the disparities in the online world and spread some cool looking laptops around the community. If it wasn't available just in the US, I'd buy one!

Inhabitat » $100 XO Laptop Launches Buy One/Donate One Initiative! One of our favorite humanitarian product designs, the $100 Laptop (One Laptop Per Child) is going BOGO! The “Buy one give one” program starts Monday November 12th and runs for 2 weeks only- just $399 buys one adorable laptop for your little tyke and one for a child in a developing nation. The ingeniously designed gadget is a great example of design with a conscience that combines social priorities with great, sexy, sustainable design.