Books by Čapek out of copyright on 70th anniversary of his death

The title says it all really! Thanks to the people at the MobileRead forums. I assume this only applies to his works in Czech rather than the English translations which are more recent and carry their own copyright.

Books by Karel Capek are out of copyright from today - MobileRead Forums One of the greatest Czech authors Karel Capek (properly spelled Karel Čapek) has died exactly 70 years ago and the information about his books going to the Public Domain have even made news in the main evening news program. He was most famous for his Science Fiction books long before the Science Fiction became an established genere. He was the very first person to write about robots. The very word ROBOT was invented by Mr. Karel Capek in his play "Rosum's Universal Robots".(**) He also wrote books for children that are still very popular, detective stories, novels, fairy tales and theatre plays So now, I can safely post link that has two links to his books R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots (1920) and The War With The Newts (Valka s mloky) (1936)