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Best wishes for 2014 from 多米尼克 二零一四 Duōmǐnǐkè 2014

Online Lecture (3 September): 7 Common Myths about Language and Learning

Date and time: 3 September, 2009 - 17:00 - 18:30

In this one-hour webinar organised via Dyslexia Action, Dominik Lukes will try to dispel some common myths about language and how people learn it. Some of these myths are: children are better at language learning than adults, some languages are harder to learn than others and few English speakers are bilingual.

You will be able to ask questions during the session.

This is the first in a projected series of regular online Open Lectures (webinars). You can read more about webinars here.

REGISTER HERE for this free event

New Year with a new theme and a version of Drupal

I finally upgraded the site to Drupal 6 (many modules are still rough around the edges but enough for a small site like mine) and a new theme. I've also integrated lots more content here. Hopefully, it will make things better all around but at the very least it gave me a fun holiday project to work on.

Norfolk Broads Jam

Thanks to Animoto, I was able to put together a quick slideshow of the Norfolk Broads in minutes.

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Všechno nejlepší v roce 2008
All the best in 2008

PF 2008


Interview with Rupert Read

This is an audio of an interview I and Stash Kirkbride did today on Future Radio 96.9FM in Norwich with the philosopher and Norwich city councilor for the Green Party Rupert Read about his new book Philosophy for life. It will also appear on Future Radio's podcast list. It was a part of the Community Chest programme usually hosted by Tim MacWilliam. Aside from being embedded below via DivShare, it is also available for download on See more of Rupert Read's thoughts on his blog at

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