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Overstream: A new service to make YouTube even more interesting to educators by adding subtitles

Overstream is a great new online service that makes online video even more educationally interesting.  All it does is allow people to add subtitles to clips on YouTube, Google Video with plans for adding more video services. Adding subtitles to video has always been one of the hurdles for their use. I can easily imagine lots of language teachers jumping at the chance to subtitle songs on YouTube.

Leading computer pundit attacks educational establishment and inadvertently stumbles on a deep question about the nature of education

"I blame the educational system" says, like so many, a leading computing pundit, and legend John C. Dvorak in his latest column. This is the core of his argument:

It's Time for Universal Computer Education - Columns by PC Magazine

Times Higher launches new website

After years of a substandard, limited-value web presence, THES has launched a new website on a new address (http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk) with new features. Here's a list from the announcement email:

US mentoring month brings new mentoring webapp

iMantri is trying to harness the power of social networking for mentoring. The problem might be that it isn't clear what the difference between mentoring and coaching is in their view and also, it might be much better as a Facebook app so that people don't have two different places to log in to. All the same, it is not a bad idea. We'll see if it takes off.

iMantri to Pair Mentors Up with Mentees

Qipit: Ideal tool for teachers/students to keep track of notes

One of the problems with handwritten notes, writing on blackboards, whiteboards and flipcharts, and  official documents, is that they cannot be easily stored and transmitted. Now, Quipit, a free online service comes to the rescue. Take a picture of your document or notes with your mobile phones digital camera, SMS or email it to Quipit, and ... it shows up in a cleaned up format in your digital store. Can't get any easier. Oh, and you can then fax it or embed it in a webpage!

Qipit - Copy and store documents

More books become public domain in 2008

This Canadian website lists authors whose work has become public domain on 1 January 2008. This will vary country by country but the Internet will probably be introduced to them as early as possible. The list includes works by authors like Walter Runciman, Philip Snowden, Elihu Root, Amelia Earhart (presuming she really died), Maurice Ravel, Alfred Adler, Edith Wharton, and hundreds more.

Future of reading here?

The kind people at OUPBlog have made a round up of all the news stories about Amazon's new eBook reader called Kindle that is generating a lot of interest around the blogs. Unfortunately, just like the Sony eBook Reader, this one is not available in the UK. MobileRead.com is likely to have the scoop when the time comes.

PowerPoint tips from a presenter Pro (on Slideshare)

PowerPoint has become ubiquitous in all presentations replacing slides in conference rooms all over the world. Academics may have different needs than business people but these seem like good tips. Found by the good people at Lifehacker.com and presented via Slideshare.net (an excellent service for all presenters).

Learn about the new social web with plain English videos from Commoncraft

Thanks to the wonderful videos from the creative folks at Commoncraft.com you can now learn about all the key technologies shaking up the web at the moment in a fun, engaging and also a clear and concise manner. And, by the way, they're using Drupal to run their website, just like us.

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XO Laptop 'buy one, donate one' initiative launched in the US

However well or ill-advised the One-Laptop-Per-Child movement is from a development and literacy perspective, this charitable approach can both raise awareness of the disparities in the online world and spread some cool looking laptops around the community. If it wasn't available just in the US, I'd buy one!